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2021 - Month 3 - The "Hides" of March

Once again, time passes without any relent.

First, we now have in house the Ute Tribe bison hides. They are not our usual garment tanned hides, but they are relative bargains.

Check them out.👍

Second: we anticipate a shipment of better bison hair on hides from the New Jersey fur dressers (Berg) within the next two weeks. Either stay tuned or call me at 817.992.8220 to book your place in line. Only 20 of these beauties ... and they are huge!!
(and for the first time in our existence we sold completely out of hair on hides in January ... as did all of our suppliers.
Don't wait if you want one!✌

Next; our fantastic Ladies Bed Sock II should be here by April.
Again, if you want some, you can pre-order here on the website. 🤞 There will be an email blast on these very shortly.

Then, the native and natural jewelry explosion is taking shape and will be up here (on the website) by March 10.... keep watching if you want first choice.🎁

Lastly, for the moment, another new Trask men's bison leather shoe - the Landry - will be here this week. This is the last bison style Trask has, and we bought them all. 👞 Another fantastic buy.

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