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It is almost official (waiting on the final paperwork). The Texas Historical Commission will take over the property here at Herd Wear. Blog post below has more details. The store will be open through the end of July, 2024 ... and then Herd Wear will be all on line ... or just a phone call away. Come on in while you can. There will be some great celebration come late spring and summer, promise. It's not goodby ... it's moving forward. See you here soon. Best wishes to all. Cecil
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African Game Industries - Ft. Worth, Texas

So happy to be working with Cere and Craig. Our pistol rugs, AR cases and range bags (just click right here to view) are all their doing. Yes, we bring them the hides and leather (the latest being elephant ... with some other exotics very shortly, but the quality is first rate

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    Yes, It really is happening!

    Yes, It really is happening!

    February 18, 2024 Cecil Miskin

    I'm just waiting on the paperwork .... but the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission are buying the Herd Wear Retail Store for an expansion of the Goodnight Historical Site.  Pretty exciting and somewhat saddening at the same time.  We will have through July to say our good bys (and Good Buys) up here in Goodnight. 

    At the same time, one of our great neighbors is going to sell me a small tract to put up a "barndomenium" with living quarters and a bit of storage.  So ... Plan is that in between trips and time in Weatherford I will still have a "presence" in Goodnight Texas.  

    And ... there will be some grand events on the way out.  These will be in June and July; feature cooking, music, festivities ... and friends of all kinds.  Keep on the mailing lists for details ... or check back here on the website and blog posts as things develop.

    Come by at least once to say our hello's and toast what Herd Wear has become ... all because of you great folk ... and the American bison.


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