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Bison Felt Insoles


Old fashion technology; exceptional warmth and cushioning.

After we extract the very best bison down for the socks and gloves; use the second best short down for the bison felt hats and bison fiber rugs ... the leftovers ... the tough guard hair and scruffy really short down fibers are blended with some wool in a 50/50 felt ... and die cut into comfortable, cushioning warm felt insoles. 

We are only making two sizes - large -12" and XL - 13" - and two thicknesses - 4mm and 8mm - , as they are easily cut down to shape and size with regular scissors.

(we also now offer sheet felt - just search and you shall find)

Takes up slack in shoes and boots.  Cushions while it insulates. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David T. (North Carolina, United States)
Snug as a bug!

I have a pair of loafers that fit fine with cushioned socks but a bit sloppy with thin socks. The Bison Felt Insoles (4mm) made the fit with thin socks snug!

Lori B. (Oregon, United States)

Great purchase for winter. Helps insulate foot.

Sara (Nebraska, United States)

I work outside in Nebraska where winter can be extremely cold. I wear the bison insoles and my toes are kept warm all day.

John V. (Ontario, Canada)
Bison Felt Insoles

Great insole. Fit was perfect.

Lou A. (Louisiana, United States)
Bison Shoe Inserts.

My husband and I purchased these Bison Shoe Inserts and just love them. We ordered 4 more to have on hand for Christmas gifts.

Carmine D. (New York, United States)

Excellent product?

Bernie S. (Ontario, Canada)
Bison Felt Insoles

Trimmed to fit my boots, feel good wait to see how they preform in cold weather

Spencer L. (California, United States)
Bison Felt Insoles

These insoles made a world of difference in my boots, the cushion was exceptional and the moisture wicking they added helped so much on longs hikes, will definitely be shopping here again!