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Chacon Bison, Rattlesnake and Lizard Leather Hatband


Made by Chacon of New Mexico.

Bison Leather:  1/2".  The finest shrunken-grain bison leather to match the elegant Chacon bison belts we carry. Bison leather tie. Made in the USA.

Rattlesnake - 1/2".  Beautifully crafted by Chacon ... just enough snake to set off any great hat without overwhelming

Lizard - 1/2".  Glistening and textured, but again, just a bit understated.  

Buffalo Nickel - 1" band with 10 genuine 1919-1936 Indian head/Buffalo nickels on lightly carved steer.  Plenty cowboy without the shouting. (Oh, maybe a small “Whoopee!l)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John D. (Idaho, United States)
Bison Nickel hatband for my 20%Bison hat!

I bought the BuffaloWoolCo Flat Top hat but thought a Bison Nickeled hat band would be much better than the cute green ribbon and it looks much better indeed! (Can’t share photos in this review so take my word for it.) Most hatbands use fake nickels but this is incredible with real nickels that make it truly one of a kind. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to purchase such an original and unique item.
(Oops - a few weeks ago I bought a Chacon Bison leather hat band as well - it is now on another felt hat of mine. Its high quality convinced me to buy the more showy Bison Nickel hat band for my BuffaloWoolCo FlatHat!)

Well, John shared a photo of his 'upscaled' flat top with us ... and yes, you can take his word that it really stands out beautifully. John, thank you once again for your sharing ... and your sense of style; both at the top of the list!


Best hat ever

We stopped in the store outside of Amarillo on February 2nd, bought the bison hat and hatband. Just recently, mid May, my husband had to stop wearing it as its getting too hot. He's worn it more than any other hat he ever had. I wish I'd bought one for me. It's so comfortable.