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Bison Hide Pistol Cases


The great folks at African Game Industries in Ft. Worth have taken some very interesting bison hides & bison leather to make some excellent pistol cases.

(NEW ORDER JUST ARRIVED OCTOBER 20, 2021 - some with quite a bit of hair ...   If you like this woolier look, just email me after you order - otherwise the plain hide cases will be the short hair

4 sizes:  8"; 10", 12" and 14".  We can do custom cases and sizes if you need - just drop us a note or call.

 Now, these were built out of some"craft grade" hides ... which means that they have quite a bit of "character" .... the natural skin color - bison brown but with some summer hair, scars, great deep grain on most all.  Rugged and rustic to be sure, but completely authentic bison.

(Now Available)   Unique shrunken grain pressed black bison leather - two tone -  Great contrast.



Customer Reviews

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Marcia G. (Florida, United States)

We asked for a larger size and was able to get it with no problems. The case is just beautiful. No rips, extra hairs , no nothing. Just LOVE it. Great place to purchase from.

Marcia: I'll pass your great thoughts on to the fine folk at African Game Industries in Ft. Worth ... the actual people that cut and stitch our leathers into these super pistol rugs. I was just there yesterday and ordered some AR-15 cases .... bison leather and canvas; and a new side zipper shotgun case in 50', 52' and 54'. You are right; these are very very good American made products. Thanks for taking the time ... and I will get the new pieces up on line as soon as I get the prototypes.

Best wishes


Michele T. (Oregon, United States)
So full of character!

I raise bison so I bought these as Christmas gifts for my hubby and dad.
Very pleased to see each is unique and one even had the fur still on in one section!