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Cecil is back in the Goodnight Store. Shipping is almost caught up. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions. Check out the blog posts on the NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference ... and the South Dakota bison experience.
Cecil is back in the Goodnight Store. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

Midwest Glove - Black(ish) bison leather work glove


SPECIAL BUY -  They built these black bison leather work gloves, using the same patterns and stitching as the peanut brown bison leather gloves we have carried for years now ... and they had "leftovers" that they wanted out of the factory.

 This is the best - thickest, most supple, deepest grain - bison leather I have seen from Midwest.  An excellent work (and play) bison leather glove.  But once we are out .... that will be that, unfortunately.

Midwest Glove's size chart is down below.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Steve B. (California, United States)
Blackish leather work gloves

For a work glove these are very soft and comfortable. After getting my first pair I ordered a second pair to keep in my truck as a driving glove. Probably the most comfortable work gloves I’ve ever owned.

John C. (Kentucky, United States)
Brightonwoods Farm, Owner

I’m always looking for USA made alternatives to the imported options mostly found in many big box stores. I came across these bison gloves and they looked like good quality/price. I work on our farm and need a sturdy pair of gloves, something comfortable is nice too. I ordered two pairs and when they arrived i very happy at the quality, fit, feel of these gloves. In addition to being happy with my purchase in the package was a receipt and hand written letter from Cecil thanking me for my purchase, there was also a cute patriotic bison sticker. Three weeks into my purchase and i have worn them every day, our area here in KY received some unusually cold weather and the gloves were put to the test. So far, after three weeks of normal/heavier usage they are holding up fine. I am at the point of ordering another 2 pair just so i have them on hand. Nice job Herd Wear and Cecil!

Glenn E. (Connecticut, United States)
Glove worth searching for……

A while ago I left my gloves on the horse trailer. Like a fool, I drive off only to realize I lost my gloves when I got back the farm. I was so determined to find my favor gloves that I walked 2miles along the rode that I had traveled until I could find my lost work gloves! These damn gloves as so good they are worth walking up and down a winter road until I could find them. I got several pair just in case I do something stupid again !!

Glenn E. (Connecticut, United States)
Great glove

I have bought 3 pair just to have them as they wear out. This is a great work glove.

Glenn: Thank you. It really is a great glove and excellent bison leather. Looks like you might be working for quite a while! Best wishes


Rod F. (Washington, United States)
As Advertised

Fit well, comfortable from the beginning (no break in rqd) Just got them, don't know about durability yet, but suspect they'll wear well

Traci C. (Washington, United States)
Tough and supple

Awesome work glove. Heavy duty, but soft and supple. Surprising amount of water resistance too. I'll be working in these for many a year.

Rowland H. (Wisconsin, United States)
More than you think

The fit is good. Not tight and not loose. Almost every finger was perfect except one or two where the glove was a little longer. The reason for the title is because, at least I did, you think it will be stiff and it is not. At least not overly to make it hard to wear. Then you imagine it is not suited for dress but it can pull it off. It has great attributes. It is not a winter glove but because of the thickness it protects the hand from freezing. Impressed with glove and the service. Very decent glove. I can’t speak about durability but for light use and/or with a liner it can serve for many years in different capacities.

William D.G.M. (West Virginia, United States)
Midwest black bison glove

I have used these extensively on my farm. They are the toughest gloves I have ever used and out last a cow skin glove. I highly recommend them.

Doc: It's a bison farm ... they have to be up to the challenge. Stay safe and well ... and as before, thank you!