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Original Bison Down Knit Beanie (Lined)

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From the slopes of Aspen to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, if you need a lightweight and seriously warm toboggan, toque, or watch cap, this natural brown, fleece-lined beanie will keep the old noggin toasty!

Knit from Buffalo Gold "Earth" yarn (90% bison down 10% color-matched nylon), this ultra-warm, lightweight beanie is knit exclusively for Buffalo Gold by Dohm-Icebox in Longmont, Colorado. The polar fleece lining is made from recycled plastic bags.

One size fits most, from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Gift!

Two of my friends now live in Maine. I gave the husband one of these beanies this past September for his birthday. He really liked it, but the wife kept wearing it every chance she got. So, to even things out, this more recent purchase is for her for Christmas (or maybe it'll be for him). Obviously, this beanie is a big hit with them. Thank you for your help in making them happy.

Blessings for Cold People

I run cold, my feet are blocks of ice, my ears freeze just looking outside...the answer is BUFFALO!!! Which is 100% warmer than sheep wool. I can’t say enough good things about Cecil’s buffalo socks except that I now have 7 pairs and that is all I wear.
Yes, I know that this is about the Beanie but since it is for Christmas I haven’t worn it yet. I can bet that it is warmer and denser than any of the wool hats I make. Support the return of the Buffalo, our American icon, get warm with anything Buffalo —-PS try the gloves and mittens... the bed socks are to die for.