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Wyoming Traders Canvas Vests


100% cotton 11 oz canvas with a full tight weave polyester/satin lining.  Extremely comfortable.  Assorted colors (tan, dark tan, black).  I've been wearing one ever since they hit and it both cuts the wind, plenty of work pockets and just a great fit (mine is regular, but we do have some tall in stock).

Not every style/artwork in every size ... but the artwork is done locally with a new state of the art print to fabric machine .... so if we have your size in the plain ... and you want a particular picture, we can probably get it done.

Right now there are three (3) different art prints - two of Darlene's paint horses and one of our winter bison herd.  Plan to add at least one more bison print very soon

On the painted vests, you won't be able to choose the picture on line ... that was just too many SKU's.  So. just give us a call and let us know which picture you want in what size.

And the tan are pretty mixed ... some are the darker and some the lighter .... but not every size in both; just so you know.

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Traders canvas vest

Excellent quality and like wearing for everyday use