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As of Feb. 2, shipping is right up to date ... and for the next week we are back to "next day" out-the-door". You might also want to check out the blog posts on the NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference ... and the South Dakota bison experience.
Shipping is currently "next day" once again. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

Scrimshaw Mammoth Ivory on hand wrought Copper Cuff by Charles Sinclair


Our friend Charles Sinclair designs the most amazing pieces. Hammered copper cuff with brain tanned and smoked bison leather liner. Mammoth tusk has scrimshaw copperhead snake and oak leaves, and “Tunghak”, Man on the Moon - the supreme deity of Eskimo Siberian cultures. Measures 2 1/8” tall. One of a kind. Hand made in Texas.