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Yes, folks ... BIG NEWS and GOOD NEWS. I am here through end of July. Then the Goodnight Historical Center takes over the store and land . A lot of our best products will be carried over into their store, thankfully. I am also building a new house on the North side of US 287 .... and (sssshhhhh) most likely will still have jerky, meat and a few other things available there. No; we are not "quitting" - HERD WEAR will continue (while I spend more time fishing and with family). Be sure you are on our email list and also on Buffalo Wool Co's list. Keep checking the blog posts on this website as well ... i will be adding info there about the events ... and they are lining up sweet! Come see us while we are here!
Yes, folks ... BIG NEWS. The Texas Historical Commission has bought the store in Goodnight. We will be there through the end of July, 2024 ... and then on line or by phone. No; we are not "quitting" - HERD WEAR will continue. Be sure you are on our email list and also on Buffalo Wool Co's list.

"Vintage" Style Goat Leather Messenger Bag

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Original Price $95.00
Current Price $70.00

A very nice leather (goat) case.  Goat leather is a very tough, but relatively thin leather, reduces weight and actually increases lifespan in products like bags and gloves.

Well constructed, but not so high end as to raise the price too high.  Affordable and stylish.   This small bag - either the full flap or the half flap - is 11" long 9.5" tall and 2" some expansion wide.  THe larger bag is 16" long 12" tall and 3" wide

This is a really either mans or ladies bag .... no frills; just a nice well constructed leather bag (or purse or satchel or i pad case or ...)

And there is a great review of the companion - Laptop Case ... same manufacturer!  Take a look.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert L.F. (Colorado, United States)
Great item!

Messenger bag is great gift item. Top quality, arrived ahead of schedule.

Adam Y. (Colorado, United States)
Do yourself a favor and pull over here!

I was recently on a trip from Colorado to Texas and saw the sign and almost didn’t stop but for some reason I thought no this place looks cool! Being Covid worried and cautious we masked up and went in. The place smells incredible, and you must WEAR A MASK and Gloves, we felt great being there. The staff was awesome! A very nice gentleman and a wonderful lady were super eager to help and lend a smile and a story as to where that product came from. A beautiful leather bag, a sweet buffalo wool hat and some delicious pickled okra in hand we checked out and left. The okra was delicious and my family fought over the new bag, the hat was mine! Thanks again Herd Wear and I will see you in a few weeks as I travel to Texas again. I’m going 50 miles out of my way because my wife says she has to go and honestly I cant wait to smell and shop again! Thanks again Herd Wear, you guys are great!

Daniel L.R. (Texas, United States)
Great leather messenger bag!

The goat leather messenger bag is soft yet sturdy and holds all I need it to.

Daniel: As always, thank you for the kind (and always truthful) words. Stay safe, please..