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Jacaru - The Buffalo Magpie leather hat

by Jacaru
Save 42%
Original Price $90.00
Current Price $52.50

Jacaru has come back to us with three new and very special buy-outs:

This is the second one - the Buffalo Magpie leather hat.  This is what Jacaru is known for - leather hats with Aussie swagger; exceptional value, quality and style.  Great matching braided leather hat band is another Jacaru trademark.

Jacaru sold these for $90.  We got them at just $52.50

They are sized small, medium medium large, large and XL and XXL. 

Until the Aussie's send me something better, here is my sizing chart:

Small:  21 3/4"
Medium:  22 1/4"
Medium Large:  22 3/4"
Large: 23 1/4"
XL:  23 3/4"
2XL:  24 1/4"

As you can see from my photo, this hat rides high on the head due mostly to the very low crown 3 1/2".  Think Clint Eastwood style ... but you will have to roll your own cigar!

I wear a medium in our Buffalo Gold bison fiber hats.  In these, I wear the ML - the medium is too small and the large too big.  With the ML, the top of my head just touches the inside top.  With the large, the hat top rests on the top on my head and won't come down any further.   These can be sized down some by adding a bit of material - cotton, wool or bison fiber - inside the interior sweat band, so I suggest you go a bit large, but not too large.   If we guess wrong, you know we will replace it with the correct size.

Still a very nice hat at a ridiculously low price; have one in my hat wardrobe already and plan a bunch of use out of it.  And the more these stain and age, the better the look! 

At this price, grab one for a friend and one for yourself.  


Customer Reviews

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Steve R. (Texas, United States)
Keep the sun off with a distinctive look!

Good description helped make sure got good fitting hat, firmly rests near top of head, stays in place without feeling tight, just right. Only minor reservation is haven't tried to see how well stays on in strong wind but seems well suited for keeping the sun off. Bit of an adventurous look from Australia but still versatile along the lines of a western style hat. Came well packed and looked good right out of the box, thanks!