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Thank all who "voted" in the little email survey we just completed; The overwhelming choice ... both by those who bid and those who did not was MORE AUCTIONS. I'll get them going. Bison vests and coats first; Jewelry next. (and I've got some pieces that have never been on the website, too).
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.

BOOKS - These were the Sioux


Mari Sandoz - 1961

As is her writing style, Ms. Sandoz takes a breath-of-fresh-air approach to a culture and people that she got a glimpse of as a child in Nebraska.  And as she pulls it together in later life, they are individuals, descendants of individuals ... who all had their place in history and in family.  Like all her works, a great read ... this one way shorter than most at just 118 pages

Paperback - like new