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Bison Tapestries


We've acquired several bison related tapestries over the past several years.  We usually just have one or two in the store, but recently the number has grown.  Fifty years ago, these were a lot more common, for wall decoration, over the back of a couch or chair and even as a small throw rug.  Just thought some of you might like to see these ... or bring them home.

#1 - it appears to be a more recent copy of #2; no content or C of O tag, but beautifully duplicated.  It has a blue fringe on the ends and a different serging on the top and bottom.   38" x 19"  $120

#2 - Made in Belgium, most likely late 40's or early 50's - post WWII.  Content and C of O tag, beautiful feel.   37" x 19" $200

#3 - More modern, feels like cotton.   Could certainly be used as a throw or lap robe.  Nice moderately heavy weight.   Very large - 66" x 48" -  $175

#4 - Beautiful post war re-creation of a Currier and Ives print.  Made in Lebanon; content tag attached.  59" x 46"    $575

#5 - Appears to be similar in construction and serging to #1; just a different piece of art.  33" x 19"         $120

#6 - Another large cotton-feeling throw (or tapestry) without tags or identification.  Modern construction (within the last 20 years).    41" x 62"      sale priced  $75