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The March Madness Mad Hatter hat sale is just a day away from being in the books. The antique gun (and a few modern weapons, some special gun books and accessories) is taking shape. It will start April 2 (so as not to be confused with The Buffalo Wool Company April 1st annual extravaganza). Be sure you are signed up for both our and their and our email list so you don't miss out on the opening "gun". And, yes, I am away from the store so shipping will start again April 4th.
Hat sale is winding down; Antique Gun (with a few modern firearms ) and similar stuff starts April 2. New guns added (almost) daily. Liquidation pricing!

Bison Horn Moon Flute with Inlaid Turquoise


We now (March 2019) have FOUR of Keith Glowka's Moon Flutes.  Three are bison horn, polished, balanced, tuned.  Two are inlayed with traditional turquoise chip, one is just jet black horn and one is a Blesbok horn.  I'm learning to play that one..and the tone is beautiful and haunting.

These may well be the last "Moon Flutes" - bison horn caps sanded, polished, inlayed with turquoise chip ... and perfectly tuned to a five fingering hole for producing the six note native scale.  The key of each flute is determined by the natural horn size.  

These two inlayed flutes are stunning - one with Zia inlay and the other with a beautiful bison skull.  These flutes play perfectly; we've had a couple of try masters on the tuned flute show us how they can be made to sing.

You won't be disappointed ... and they are museum quality pieces to boot!  With hand made storage bag.