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The March Madness Mad Hatter hat sale is underway. Bison felt, buffalo and kangaroo leather hats on sale. Not all hats, but a dang good selection at some rock bottom prices. The antique gun sale starting a bit later in the month. Be sure you are signed up for our email list so you don't miss out on the opening "gun"
Shipping is currently "next day" once again. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

What people are saying about "Herd Wear" and "Buffalo Wool Company" products (especially our socks)

My daughter and I traveled to Antarctica for a two week journey where we crossed the Drake and spent 8 days in sub zero weather, snow and wind wearing Buffalo Gold socks. Whether we were in a zodiac cruising around watching whales and seals or trekking gently on land to watch thousands and thousands of penguins as they waddled to the sea, fed their young and nestled chicks in blowing snow or stood on the bow of our ship to witness stunning displays of icebergs, our feet were warm and toasty THE ENTIRE TIME!  We had the opportunity to sleep under the stars one night and our feet never felt cold in just one pair of socks.  I can not recommend Buffalo Gold enough to anyone who journeys into the wild and many thanks to Cecil for answering questions.    Alexa S;   January, 2019