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Bentwood Rocker - Amish made in Pennsylvania
Great Chair
Herd wear chukka moccasins
Superb value
Naaman: I couldn't agree more. So, just between us chickens, keep an eye out on the site. We're talking with Trask about a few more great buy-outs ... and hopefully we'll get just what you are thinking about. Meanwhile. I, too, love my Wescotts .. my everyday hiking and walk the dog shoes. Thanks again for taking the time. Cecil
Loma Vista Bison Leather Overnight Duffel "Range Bag"
Buffalo Jones / Bison Babies
Great looking and feeling
Fingerless gloves
Buffalo socks
Small bag for grandson
Bill Williams story
Fabulous socks!
Fingerless gloves
Great wallet
Love them!
Herd Wear socks
Tom: I was thinking of the proper reply to your well-explained review and thought for a fleeting moment of just saying it was 'stellar' ... but how about a heart felt thank you, instead? The thoughtfulness and thoroughness is most appreciated. Be well and stay warm. Cecil
Nice Sturdy Bag
Beautiful leather, not quite perfect stitching
a groovy topper!
Terrific Boots!
Warm & Comfy
Buffalo Women
My newest hat
Carla: Thank you for the kind review. So glad you like the 'Cecil' ... one of my fav's too, and one of our all time best sellers from our All-American friends at Bollman Hat Company. Best wishes. Cecil