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3D native hoodie
Great belt...Great service!
Sher: Always glad to see the pup (and you, too, of course!). Thanks for taking time to write up that kind review. We're glad you feel that way, and will keep doing all we can to make each stop special. As to the belt, that is the talent and mastery of New Mexico's own Bruce Erickson ... 30 years and counting of excellent specialty leather belts from Chacon of New Mexico. Stay well. Cecil
Ultimate sox
These gloves are the best of both worlds- soft but thick and durable
Cattleman's Crease Cowboy hat fits the bill for me!
Tanka Bar
All Things Buffalo
Buffalo nickels
Unique historical gift
Got two left-hand gloves
Most durable gloves out there, period.
James: Most appreciate you taking time from all that work to do a great review; thank you. Tough 'critters' and they yield some great resources we try to use to everyone's advantage. Be well and stay safe. Cecil
Fantastic Boot
Tavis: Thanks for the review; it is a very well made boot. If it doesn't shape to your foot as desired, let me know and we can either swap it out or get you a refund. Even a great boot that doesn't fit is no bargain. Stay in touch. Cecil
So nice, I had to get it twice.
Shame on me!
Old 5 cent rolls
Pleased with purchase !
Quality hat and service
Bison scarf
Phil; We do have some 'denser knit' scarves if you would prefer ... no additional cost. I do think you will find, as most folks do, that you don't need a very thick layer of bison down to keep you comfortable, even in pretty extreme cold. We can swap now ... or if you prefer, give it a good test when the weather turns nasty ... and then if you aren't pleasantly surprised, let me know and we will either swap for the thicker scarf or let you tell us what you would like to do. Whichever your prefer. Cecil
Buffalo and wool vest
David: Thanks for the 'generous' review on the vest. Would you like us to send you a label to send it back to the tailor and get it fixed for you? Any time there is any issue please do let us know. If we can make it better, we will. My email is Let me know if you would like to get that re-done. Best wishes Cecil
Bison leather snow storm boots
Have hat, it travels!
Superb socks
Vic: Good evening from Goodnight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with our socks. And, thank you for recognizing Fox River Mills ... it is through their technology and guidance that we are able to create something this good. Best wishes and stay safe. Cecil
Can't remember a better pair of socks