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Friends: The "crazies" are about to hit ... and it has been a very busy year for us already. Please, get your holiday orders in as soon as you possibly can. With me being out of the store some; inventory continuing to fluctuate as things go in and out, we don't want to disappoint. You can always call me (and I really will get with you as quickly as I can) - 817.992.8220 or write me at In the meantime, any guys needing XXXL gloves (or vests/coats) check out the 3X blog below. Just saying.....
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.

New Products and Special Deals

We were trying to make it easier for our good friends and new customers to find some of the new items we have created or are carrying, as well as get up-to-speed on any special deals we might be offering.  Here are some current listings:



Keep checking back here to see what you might otherwise miss.  Thanks and stay warm.