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The NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference and Gold Trophy Bison Sale will take place in Westminister Colorado from January 17 - 21, 2023. Cecil will be there and not in the Goodnight Store. Shipping will resume after he gets back. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions about getting your order.
Cecil will be away from the store (again) until Saturday, January 6. (It really is starting to feel like "retirement"). Shipping will resume then. Call me at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions.

Qiviuk Bison / Buffalo Stuffed Plush Dolls

Sold out

Cute, Cuddly, Unique and in a very limited supply.  Hand crafted in Peru by our friends at Jacques Cartier.  Silky soft Andean Alpaca hair turned into a plush buffalo.  Colors vary slightly from light coco to rich chocolate .. but they are each as individual as the person you are thinking would love to have one.

9 inches long.