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Books (and other buffalo/bison things) for Kids

Great reads - both for parents and grandparents to spend time reading to ... and for young un's to read on their own.  History, Western and Native heritage, nature ... and most all involving that wonderful critter, the American Plains Bison.

(and if you know of a title we are missing that you think would fit in, we'd love to hear from you).

Just recently we started adding a few gift and educational products that we have carried in the Herd Wear Retail store into this collection ... as we feel they enhance both the educational and historical part bison have played .... and continue to play in American life.  Just a little "pass it on" stuff! 

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    BOOKS - Buffalo Music

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    By Tracey E. Fern A sort of historical fiction look at Mary Ann (Molly) Goodnight and her raising up bison calves in the late 1800's.  Not sure whe...

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    Original Price $21.00
    Current Price $19.00
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