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Footskins - Custom sizing requirements

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If you want a custom sized Footskin moccasin, chukka, hi-top or other product, please follow these simple steps for both feet:

Call us at 915.247.6601 so we can put in a Production Order with Footskins. Once we do that, then they know where your measurements go and what product they are for.

(Note:  Do tracings and measurements with the type of sock you are planning to wear or without socks if you intend to wear them barefoot.)

Step One – 

  • While sitting, trace both feet on paper. 
  • Be sure to hold the pen completely vertical.
  • Do not make allowances.
  • (If you feel that your measurements change significantly while standing, then please trace both while sitting and standing.)

Step Two – 

  • Using a cloth tape, measure the circumference around the ball of the foot (just comfortable, don't pull too tight). The ball of the foot is the widest part of the foot, just behind the toes. 
  • Mark the measurement on your tracing at the point of the measurement.

Step Three – 

  • Take a second measurement of the circumference of your foot 1 1/2 inches behind the first measurement (toward your ankle).

Step Four – 

  • Include any additional information that could affect the fit of shoes. This could include: sensitive areas such as corns, bunions, etc.; a deeper toe box; calf measurements for kneeboots, including height from floor. If you have a high instep, measure from the floor up over the instep to the floor on the other side.

  • Please make sure all measurements are
    clearly marked on your tracings. Be sure
    to include a daytime phone number.

    Tracings may be faxed or regular mailed.

    (Emailing is not preferred because tracings may be distorted.  There is an exception if the tracings can be scanned into a pdf.  Please measure and note length of each foot tracing on the paper.)

    If faxed, please also measure and note the length and width of each foot tracing on the paper.

    Fax to:  507-498-3707

    Regular Mail to:
    P.O. Box 146
    Spring Grove, MN 55974



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