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SALE SALE - Trask "Landry" bison leather casual shoe

by Genesco
Save 73%
Original Price $336.00
Current Price $90.00

Coming down to the last few of these great Trask closeouts!

As usual, we end up with more of one size than others ... so those sizes get a whopping discount to get them on the road.  If your size is one of the "lucky ones",  grab these while they are still here

The Landry is a mans bison leather every day shoe, much along the lines of the original Harrison Trask designed "Gallatin".  Relatively light weight, but excellently finished.  If we have your size, don't hesitate.  

Most of these are saddle tan with a bit of a dark brown overtone.  Very attractive.  

  • Horween® Chromexcel American bison leather. 
  • Leather lining.
  • Shock-absorbing removable insole with extra EVA cushioning at the heel.
  • Imported by Trask.  (yes, these are not made in the U.S) 
  • Sizing in Men's sizes   (I believe these run about .5 size small, my recommendation is to order up a size) 

Final Close out priced at $ 65. instead of the regular $245.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Robert L.F. (Colorado, United States)
Great shoes

The bison leather shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Great product at great price.

LL (California, United States)
Good Shoes

Have not had a chance to wear them, but upon first look, the shoes look great, good leather, Vibram sole. Workmanship looks fine and appears to be 360 welted. Foot-bed is glued on so cannot examine construction and materials underneath. Seems to be leather lined throughout. The label indicates made in India.

Cynthia A. (Michigan, United States)
Really nice shoes!

My brother-in-law thought these shoes looked European and asked if they were French! Subtly stylish and comfortable.

Tahir J.N. (California, United States)
Gonna Wear These Decades!

I first purchased a pair of Trask bison leather shoes, gosh, some 15-20 years ago. Really liked them and have resoled them 2-3 times. Since they were so comfortable and tough I wore them for almost everything. I didn't polish them very often (compare to my Timberland penny loafers I first bought for work nearly 40 years ago which I did and still look great and fit!). I kinda regret that because while they are my daily walkers, they look like very scuffed up daily walkers. :)

I went online a year ago or more on Zappos and Amazon to replace and couldn't find Trask. Somehow, this site didn't turn up then. However, I kept searching every so often and last month this site came up! A great many bison products including Trask! Learned that Trask had shuttered and they had bought some of their stock including these shoes (which originally sold for over $200 if memory serves, my original pair were made in Italy, this pair in India, probably Kashmir).

Ordered these and they arrived in their original packaging. They shoes had a white film on them which I wasn't sure if was a mold or a bloom of wax or what. However, Herd Wear has a great guarantee so I took a cloth and gave the shoes a firm wipe which removed all the film and the shoes looked great. Put them in a dark closet to see if the film would return. Planned to return them if so. Shoes still look great! Hurrah!

They look great and fit true (I've been 8.5D since college some 40yrs ago) and I'll be wearing them a great deal. And keeping them polished since Trask clearly isn't making any more and I haven't found anything with this style in bison leather yet. I've posted before and after pix below re the white film. Feel comfortable shopping here! I hope the Miskins find a successor to this enterprise. Cheers!

Tahir: Thank you both for your order and your very thorough write-up. You are correct that the 'white' is just wax that works it's way up unless it is worked back in ... just as you did. Wearing shoes - flexing - also helps keep that surface wax flexable in accross the leather.

Anyway, our best wishes for another 20 years (or more) of wearing your Trask shoes.


Richard M. (Texas, United States)
I'm looking good!

Recently "unretired" and got back in the business. I'll be looking good in my new Buffalo shoes. These shoes are even more impressive on my feet than in the pictures. Another great item from Herd Wear.

Bill J. (Arkansas, United States)
Trask "Landry" bison leather casual shoe

This is my first purchase from Herd Wear and everything was great. The quality of the product is fantastic , the package was perfect , the shipping was a day early. Highly recommended 5 stars

Shawn V.D. (Washington, United States)
Best shoes I’ve ever worn

I’ve never spent $245 for a pair of shoes, but when these Trask shoes showed up in my email on close-out, I thought “why not?”
I was anticipating a quality shoe. And I was not disappointed. The moment I took them out of the box, I knew these were exceptionally well-made shoes. What surprised me was how wonderfully comfortable they are.

I had thought I would be wearing these shoes occasionally — for going to a restaurant for dinner, etc. I wear them every chance I get. To work, walking, anywhere I can. They are so comfortable and fit so well.

So comfortable, . . . I ordered a second pair!

Greg (Texas, United States)
Bison shoes

I was disappointed that the shoes made in Vietnam instead of the USA

Greg: Good morning. Saw your less than happy review. Not the shoes fault they were 'born' overseas. And I am guessing that you are not unhappy with the quality; just that these were made outside the US.

What you don't probably know is that the huge shoe manufacturer - Genesco (which is an old line American company) - that owned the Trask brand and had these puppys made actually gave the American bison industry a huge boost using American bison leather for about 10 years ... and made some very quality shoes - including these 'Landry's'. Some were made in the US, most though overseas and American shoe production is very limited any more. Utilizing more of the by products - hides, insides, bones and horncaps really does add value that goes to incentive to raise up more bison.

And to be fair, we have an 'import' disclosure in the product description on the website - 'Imported by Trask. (yes, these are not made in the U.S)'

But all that said, we will gladly take them back and refund your purchase if you don't want them. I will even send you a return label .... just let me know. And for the shoes sake, you might consider 'revising' your review (or leave the comment and change the rating) ... but that is entirely up to you. We never hide or change negative reviews ... not that we get very many.

Anyway, thanks for taking time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes