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Friends: The "crazies" are about to hit ... and it has been a very busy year for us already. Please, get your holiday orders in as soon as you possibly can. With me being out of the store some; inventory continuing to fluctuate as things go in and out, we don't want to disappoint. You can always call me (and I really will get with you as quickly as I can) - 817.992.8220 or write me at In the meantime, any guys needing XXXL gloves (or vests/coats) check out the 3X blog below. Just saying.....
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.
Thank you all ..... just wish we had more time to go into more "stuff"

Thank you all ..... just wish we had more time to go into more "stuff"

The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Herd Wear in Goodnight.  Store traffic is almost to the point of having to restrict to keep "safe social distance" ... but not quite.

Everyone .... absolutely everyone ... is respectful of others, so people just "do the right thing" (even though we are all trying to figure out exactly what that is any more".  

But thank you one and all; the newcomers who are not in as much of a hurry to get wherever it is they were going ... and our many-timers, who use us as a travel break each trip.  We so appreciate you all ... and your courtesy.  

We are trying to do our part in these still uncertain times; plenty of cold water in the drink box; "normalcy" as much as we can make it ... and always smiles and laughter.

We are keeping inventory as stocked as we can; production of our bison fiber products is impacted, but still moving.  And with Trask closing out the brand, we got some wonderful buys on bison leather - belts, wallets, lap top bags, driving mocs, travel kits ... and more.  Real real deals.  Plus several shipments from Loma Vista of Texas on totes, bags, purses, vests and a few other pieces.  

Keeping the freezer full has been a challenge; not a meat shortage, but a huge demand increase ... but we still get shipments from Sierra Meat (ribeye steaks and tenderloins; Continental Sausage (the great bison hot dogs and brats), Black Kettle Bison (50# and 100# Southwest Air Cargo direct to an airport near you ... or pick up here in Goodnight  or at the BUffalo Wool Co. in Weatherford by arrangment.

Once again, thank you all.  We do hope we are giving you some comfort and stability; that is our intent - good products from great Americans working hard ... as always.

Best wishes and travel safely.


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