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Just a phone call ....

Just a phone call ....

I had a call yesterday from a local Amarillo number.  The fellow on the other end of the call wanted to know if we were open.  I explained that like most "non-essential" businesses in Texas generally and in the Panhandle in particular we were officially closed, but were letting some people in (with latex gloves etc) to buy meat or jar goods.

He replied that he was much relieved that we were still "in business, and had not closed up shop for ever because of the virus.  That, he told me, would have been a "sad day".

He didn't need anything right then, but wanted to know that he could come on back, when things calm down.

It is really nice to know we have that kind of impact of folks.  And, it was very nice of him to call.

We do keep the Stars and Stripes flying, as well.  They both make me proud.


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