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THE END IS NEAR! Well, sort of. Only about 6 weeks left to shop in store here in Goodnight. Come check out the crazy deals; visit the "new" homestead/distribution facility across US 287 - the new home of Herd Wear Online. Need furniture, antique store displays, store decor or some of our Herd Wear signage? ... it all has to go and I am motivated to listen to offers. Remember, June 29-July 6 we will be serving bison deli dogs and burgers lunchtime; music some days --- and if you want to attend the July 5 dinner concert there are a few tickets left. Remember, ticket sale proceeds go to 4 of our local charities. There is a new (easier to swallow) ticket/donation - $50 - that gets you the same "swag bag and goodies" ... lunchtime burgers etc ... but not the fancy dinner July 5 Call or text me if you need clarification (or just to yak!)
Yes, folks ... BIG NEWS. The Texas Historical Commission has bought the store in Goodnight. We will be there through the end of July, 2024 ... and then on line or by phone. No; we are not "quitting" - HERD WEAR will continue. Be sure you are on our email list and also on Buffalo Wool Co's list.
Bison/Silk Face Masks!   With filter pocket

Bison/Silk Face Masks! With filter pocket

The Buffalo Wool Company - Ron and Theresa's company - had gotten one of their knitting houses to turn out a very functional, lightweight, non-itch, high moisture regain knitted face mask using the same bison/silk blend yarn we use for our Technical socks.

There is a pocket for an N-95 filter (and one comes with the mask).  They ordered 200.  They sold 65 the first day (which was yesterday!)

Here is the link.

We'll have them when the second order gets done ... in about 10 days.  But if you want one, get on their site and get your order in.  Well done product in these ever evolving times!

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