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The Otto - bison/yak/Primaloft beanie

Sold out

The "Otto" (named after the canine mascot of Icebox Knitting, the great Longmont Colorado knit factory that creates our knitted hats).

This one uses the same yarn as our luxurious bison/yak crew and "Mil Top" socks.

40% American Bison Down, 40% Tibetan Yak and 20% Primaloft (siliconized polyester). It's slightly more grey and less brown than our other hats (the yak is almost black and blends well with the bison. 

It is a bit of a looser knit, but plenty warm.  Fits some of the larger noggins, as it will stretch a bit more than the Original Beanie or the "Soho" beanie

Oh, so soft and light; warm, but not stifling. It has become my go-to hat when the thermometer dips below 32 and my hairless head starts to feel the breeze.  Put it on and forget the chill.  It also does not restrict hearing as much as some of the others, which makes it a great hunting beanie - warm, soft (and thus quiet) and unrestrictive.

Customer Reviews

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Richard V. (Texas, United States)

Love the look and fit and it is lose enough that air can get to my bald head and not over heat me lol . Love it

Richard: Thank you for the review. I understand (and agree) on the bald head thing. Stay well and warn (as needed).