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Shipping is currently "next day" once again. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

"One World" Fingerless Gloves



"One World" Bison Down Fingerless gloves are for the "one world" you live in every day - working, driving, walking, playing. They can even be used for medical heat retention.

The insulating undercoat of the American Bison has been made into a light, soft, durable glove, originally designed for winter fly fishing. The same air-retention quality that protects American Bison in northern winters gently and oh-so-effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort when other gloves fail.

Fingers free; hands warm. Machine washable. 90% Buffalo Gold bison down/10% color-matched nylon.

The black are some we produced for the Filson Company a few years back.  Same yarn, same glove ... just overdyed black at their request ... and what we still have available.

Proudly knit in the USA by your neighbors in upstate New York.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Dianne B. (Texas, United States)
Just as advertised

Requested by son for hunting . Very warm, just what he expected, very pleased .

Fred M. (Texas, United States)
Fingerless gloves

These are the real deal, incredible warm but you can still tie your 4 pound fishing line to a ultra light spinner. Once you pick up your trout and put it in your creel just shake your hand and the cold water is gone and your hands stay warm!

Fred: Absolutely correct. Fish long and safely.


Alma B. (Texas, United States)
Lovely half gloves

I had a pair of these that I purchased two years ago to wear at home. I recently bought another pair to keep at work. I have arthritis in my hands and the soft warmth and gentle wrist support are perfect.

Sam C. (Ontario, Canada)
Bison fingerless gloves

The bison wool gloves are incredible and far superior in warmth and wear in comparison to sheep wool varieties.These are hands down my favourite.
The folks at Herd are incredible to work with and will ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied.
The only issue I experienced was incredibly lengthy shipping time via post: Shipping via USPS involves shipping via their partner Global Post, whose service is abominable. They delayed my shipment by over a month. The only saving grace was the assistance of the folks at Herd whose help ensured I finally received my gloves.

Dennis W. (Washington, United States)

awesome - warm and very durable - highly recommend

David (New Mexico, United States)
Third pair...

I have purchased three pairs of the "One World" Fingerless Gloves. My first pair was for me, and my wife took them away and started wearing them. I bought a second pair, that my mother took over. Finally, I think I have my own pair. These gloves are warm, functional, and very comfortable. The half finger design allows me to manipulate things while working outside in the cold. I go through a pair of the gray half finger wool gloves every year, and so far, the Bison Down seem more durable. I plan on ordering a pair with the leather palm when my current set start getting holes...

David: Thank you. I've heard in some circles 'third time is the charm' ... so glad you finally have your own pair. As to the leather palm .... only have a few and not planning on re-making them. The reason is that the bison leather we used 'thickens' the glove across the palm and makes holding things more difficult. Now, we did design a kind of figure 8 leather patch .. and I do have a quantitiy of them ,, so the leather covered both 'palms' and kept the gloves usable on either hand. I would be glad to send you a pair of those leather pieces for you to experiment with ... and possibly find a tailor shop that would stitch them on if you liked the concept. Anyway .. just some thoughts.

Best wishes


Maja I. (Minnesota, United States)
Purchased for the size - kept for the warmth

My dad was in search of XXL wool fingerless gloves, which is apparently rather uncommon these days - and after some searching, I found & ordered these as a gift. They were more expensive than a lot of the other fingerless gloves I had originally looked at, but they sounded great and were the right size - and I’m glad I took the chance! He loves them - a perfect fit for his hands and specific use, and he commented on how warm and comfortable the bison down has been. Thanks for some great gloves!

Maja: Thanks for the very nice review. Glad we were 'out here' to help. All stay well, safe and warm.


Bernie S. (Ontario, Canada)
Fingerless Gloves

Waiting for the cooler weather to fully evaluate
They are very well made, very comfortable
Very happy to date with all Bison products I have purchased expect the outcome with these gloves will be the same