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It is almost official (waiting on the final paperwork). The Texas Historical Commission will take over the property here at Herd Wear. Blog post below has more details. The store will be open through the end of July, 2024 ... and then Herd Wear will be all on line ... or just a phone call away. Come on in while you can. There will be some great celebration come late spring and summer, promise. It's not goodby ... it's moving forward. See you here soon. Best wishes to all. Cecil
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.

Bison Horn Cap Moon Flute


JUST ARRIVED!   January 2024.   3 ... yes, three new bison horn cap Moon Flutes from Keith Glowka.  These are our first in 6 years ... and may well be the last we can get from Keith!  He is the ONLY person we have ever found to make these incredible instruments.

We also have one of his polished and tuned Blesbok horn flute.  

"Moon Flutes" - bison horn caps sanded, polished, (none have the inlayed with turquoise chip of some of our earlier flutes), but beautiful and truly precision instruments.  Perfectly tuned to a five fingering hole for producing the six note native scale.  The key of each flute is determined by the natural horn size.  

These flutes play perfectly; we've had a couple of true masters on the tuned flute show us how they can be made to sing.  It is haunting and takes you back to the days of the great bison herds on the never ending prairie

You won't be disappointed ... and they are museum quality pieces to boot!  With hand made storage bag.