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The NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference and Gold Trophy Bison Sale will take place in Westminister Colorado from January 17 - 21, 2023. Cecil will be there and not in the Goodnight Store. Shipping will resume after he gets back. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions about getting your order.
Cecil will be away from the store (again) until Saturday, January 6. (It really is starting to feel like "retirement"). Shipping will resume then. Call me at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions.

Leg Warmers


The insulating undercoat of the American bison made into leg warmers, using the yarn originally designed for our winter fly fishing gloves.

Wear then right against your legs with no itch or chafe ... or over your pants them like gaiters.  Keeps your circulation moving and reduces cold weather cramping to nothing!

The same air retention quality of American bison down that protects buffalo in Northern winters gently but so effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort while hunting, fishing, hiking...or just walking the dog.

Machine washable. Buffalo Gold American yarn spun with 90% bison down/10% color matched nylon. One size fits most.

Made exclusively for Buffalo Gold by Newberry Knitting in Schenectady NY

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pam (Oregon, United States)
They are Multi Purpose!

The extraordinary leggings arrived.I ordered and never thought about the perhaps a look at the sizes offered. In any case the leggings didn't fit my legs. BUT immediately having already refusing to let go of them I put them onto my arms as incredible sleeve extensions.They go up to my shoulders!
I also wrapped one around my neck to crisscross on my chest.They suit the winter Raincoat I use on the Oregon Coast where it can be quite cold.The sleeve extensions are pulled over my hands. as sit on the couch to watch films in my cabin. They are my new favorite things.Bison down is so amazing that I ordered my first ounce to spin to see if I can!

Joe G. (Oklahoma, United States)
Satisfied Customer

Easy to order and arrived when promised. Will definitely order from you again!

Roxanne H. (Nebraska, United States)

These are super luxurious! The color can vary because it is natural Bison yarn. I would say brownish with a slight hint of green. Definitely more brown than green though. Should fit all sizes.
Had a slight complication with my order and the customer service I received was FANTASTIC! Slightly pricey, but worth the money!!!

Roxanne: Glad we were able to (finally) live up to both your expectations and our reputation! Enjoy and stay warm and well. Your kindness and understanding are both most appreciated.