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Cecil's Fedora


"Cecil's" (because it is his favorite!) Litefelt® Packable Fedora is made from 20% bison fur and 80% wool, blended to create a unique, durable, stylish and soft hat. We call this fedora the "magic hat" because it looks great on everyone... both men and women!

This fedora has a low-profile crown, center-dent style with a 1 3/4" brim that is turned-down at the front.


Available in black, pecan and brown mix (the brown mix gives the hat a heathered brown/grey look). Trimmed with grossgrain ribbon hat band. It's made exclusively for Buffalo Gold by Bollman Hats in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

NOTE: Please call to make sure we have your size and color available. Made in the USA.

Hat Sizing Guide

Hat Size USA Inches CM
Small 6 3/4 21 1/8 54
6 7/8 21 1/2 55
Medium 7 21 7/8 56
7 1/8 22 1/4 57
Large 7 1/4 22 5/8 58
7 3/8 23 59
X Large 7 1/2 23 1/2 60
7 5/8 23 7/8 61

How to Find Your Hat Size

  1. First, get yourself a tape measure made from a flexible material like cloth, fabric, or bendable plastic.
  2. Wrap the tape around your head, making sure you measure above your ears at the area where you prefer to wear your hat.

Although it is a matter of personal choice, a good spot to measure is the widest part of your head, as that’s where a hat often fits the best. When you get a measurement, consult the charts above to figure out your size.

Sizing Tips:

  • Measure several times to ensure you’re getting an accurate measurement.
  • Don’t pull the tape too tight; you always want to err on the side of having a little too much room.
  • If you fall between two sizes, we strongly recommend that you choose the larger in the interest of comfort.
  • Head sizes and shapes differ from region to region. The most common male size is 7-3/8 and the average hat size for females is 7-1/4

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dean (Nebraska, United States)
Great hat!

I wear many hats, fedoras in particular.
This hat has become my favorite. Great fit and comfort. My other hats are broader brimmed. I like that this hat has a narrower brim, and that it’s packable.
Always enjoy shopping here.

Stephanie E. (Texas, United States)
Love my hat!

Great quality hat, fit was perfect and looked great, so had to purchase. This shop was along highway heading home, we almost passed up, but turned around to check out. The owner was very kind, and had many interesting things to look at in her shop, we look forward to visiting if we pass through again.

Carla J. (New Jersey, United States)
My newest hat

I just received my new hat-Cecil’s Fedora, and I just love it. Exceptional quality, perfect fit. I highly recommend it! Another plus, I received it much faster than anticipated. If you’ve been considering purchasing this, GET IT!

Carla: Thank you for the kind review. So glad you like the 'Cecil' ... one of my fav's too, and one of our all time best sellers from our All-American friends at Bollman Hat Company. Best wishes.