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Red Dog Kids Trekker Jr. - Advantage Gear Boot Socks

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Original Price $36.00
Current Price $28.00

Well, you asked, we listened, and are now proud to offer a smaller version of our world-famous Trekker Boot Socks. 

These socks provide the perfect blend of comfort and insulation, keeping little feet snug and protected against the cold temperatures. The natural fibers of the American bison socks offer excellent thermal regulation, ensuring that kids stay warm without overheating. Whether they're building snowmen, sledding down hills, or simply exploring the great outdoors, these socks are a must-have for any young adventurer. With their durability and superior warmth, American bison socks are the ideal companion for kids' outdoor playtime, allowing them to enjoy every winter adventure to the fullest.

Built Buffalo Tough and insulating enough to keep their tootsies warm in even the most extreme climates

If your child loves spending time outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or scouting, investing in a good pair of warm, insulating, wicking socks is a good bet for making sure they stay comfy and happy!

Not only will these types of socks keep your child's feet warm and dry, they will also offer added support and protection during their outdoor adventures. American bison socks can help prevent blisters, hot spots, and chafing, allowing your child to fully enjoy their time outdoors without being held back by sore, uncomfortable feet. Additionally, bison down socks that are designed to wick away moisture can help prevent fungal infections and other foot health issues (NO MORE FUNKY FOOT SMELL!) So, if you want to make sure your child is equipped for any outdoor adventure, consider investing in a quality pair of American Field Jr. socks. Trust us - their feet will thank you!

Trekker Jr. Socks Features

Here’s a quick list of the top features of the socks.

  • Terry loop extra padded footbed
  • Triple-reinforced toe and heel
  • Flat seam toe
  • Bison Down/Merino Wool fiber Blend with Nylon and Spandex to give you the perfect amount of stretch and durability
  • Features "Red-dog" Bison logo on toe and calf
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry - no need for bleach, iron, or dry clean

Sizing Chart 





Shoe sizes

9 to 11.5

12 to 2.5

3 to 6

Why American Bison Socks Are So Awesome

This calf-high sock is great for almost any footwear from taller boots like hiking chukkas to tennis shoes. Created from ultra-soft bison fiber, these socks will keep your feet warm and dry all year long.

The Trekker Jr. are warmer and more cushioning than our Pro-gear socks and heavier and thicker than the American Field Jr. designed to be the ultimate sock for regulating temperature, and moisture wicking.

All About The Bison Down

The Trekker Jr. starts with ultra-soft bison fiber blended with ultra-fine merino wool We monitor the fiber every step of the way from scouring and dehairing the fiber, to working directly with the spinning mill to determine the perfect amount of twist and loft in the yarn.

Once we have the perfect Bison yarn, we pair it with traditional fibers to ensure flexibility in all the right places and ultra comfort for all day wear.  

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