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"Limited Edition" Fisher Beanie/Scarf Set in Pure Claret


Sometimes it is good to forget.  We overdyed this 90% bison/ 10% nylon yarn for a project several years ago .... and put the remainder on the shelf.  This is a lightweight yarn that uses three separate "ends" .. or yarn pieces in the knitting process.  It creates a tighter weave in the finished product.  The color is a deep pure Claret, like a glass of fine wine.  Bison fiber, being dark, takes dye color and brings it down towards the darker shades.  But the colors are always very rich and full.  That is the Claret color we have in these sets.

We've had Dohm-Icebox Knitting in Longmont Colorado turn it into our very popular Fisher Hat and do a matching 50" x 5" scarf to go with it out of the same yarn.  They turned out just beautiful!.

Two variations but these have to be bought as a set.  Either the pure Claret set or the Claret with brown stripe set.  We will not be re-making this one.  It is another limited edition until it is gone.