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Very shortly the "new" look will be up and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!
Very shortly the "new" look will be u and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!

"Herd Wear" - bison leather/"Flex-rubber" sole men's house and yard shoe. Style B-4475-CFS


We've been wanting this kind of indoor/outdoor slip-on for some time.  Foot forming bison leather - both inside and outside.  The newest outsole offering from our good friends (and superb moccasin makers) at Footskins does just that!!

This indoor/outdoor outsole is light, dense and relatively thin, yet forgiving; skid resistent with enough cushioning to become your "go to" slip on when the work shoes (or boots) come off.

Two layers of a very special shrunken grain bison leather .. one outside and one as the inner lining ... same thickness on both.   

Available in black or dark brown shrunken/pressed grain bison leather.  Exceptional leather!  Great slip-on moc! 

Style B-4475-CFS

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael C. (New Jersey, United States)

From the moment I slipped these on I could tell that they would become my go-to house shoes. First the moccasins themselves: Thick yet supple bison leather constructed in the common moccasin style with a sewn rubber sole, leather insole, and leather laces. The leather has that bold bison patterning that I personally find appealing. This texture has since smoothed out a bit in flat areas and become heavier where it creases. I was a little concerned about the color but the photos don't do it justice; a rich walnut that pairs well with most any other color. Sprezzatura, or "casual elegance" in Italian is the word that comes to mind when I look at these moccasins. Sort of like loafers but more laid-back. I followed common advice and went down 1/2 a size. They arrived and fit perfectly. I expect a break-in time for any new shoes but these were comfortable right out of the box. At the time my ankle was sprained so I only wore one the first few days and was able to compare the break-in process. Within just a couple days the leather had started to shape to my foot and become even more comfortable. The 3nd or 4th day I fell asleep for a few hours with them on and other than being a bit hot my feet felt fine afterward. I couldn't imagine doing that with any other shoe. The 2 layers of bison leather keep my feet just as warm as a pair of off-the-rack lined slippers when I'm taking out the trash, without a bulky fabric lining. In fact my feet are often too hot or cold in common household slippers and I often end up going barefoot at home rather than dealing with the cold sweat and moist fleece. I haven't had that experience in these moccasins. Speaking of bulk, these are surprisingly thin and light. I often slip them on and forget they're there. They've also saved me from smashing my toes into the coffee table a couple times already. I don't think a soft slipper would've done that.

To sum it up I love these moccasins. They've been my daily drivers from day one. The construction, looks, and comfort are above anything I've had in a casual slip-on shoe before, or really any shoe. They're true-to-size (go down 1/2 size if wearing them barefoot) and fit like a dream. I leave in a pair of cedar shoe trees when I'm not wearing them and occasionally brush off the dust with a soft-bristled brush and they're still looking good as new. I'd expect to clean and treat the leather once or twice a year. Very happy with my purchase.

Michael: I have forwarded your splendid and detailed 'review' on to our great friends at Footskins; they deserve the credit ... so kind of you to spend as much time as you did on your write-up. Stay safe, warm and well ... and we'll keep finding folks like these that truly care about what they do and the people. ... like yourself .... that appreciate it.

Best wishes


TIM K. (Texas, United States)
Great product and best customer service I have seen in a long time

The shoes are well-made and comfortable. I do wish the soles were wider. But not everyone has duck feet :-) Great customer service. the best I have seen in a long time.

Bruce A. (Idaho, United States)
Great Shoes

These are GREAT shoes with the comfort of a boat moc without the headache of wearing through a leather sole!