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The "Grab" Bag - Bison print collection

Save 49%
Original Price $285.00
Current Price $145.00

We have literally  many 100's of unframed bison related prints in our inventory; most are in flat files., stored away from light and ready for a frame.

Some I have had for over 20 years.  Many are historical reprints of very famous bison and western American art.  Some are obscure.  In my opinion, all are very well done by the artist ..... or I would not have gotten them in the first place

So, to move some of these into view,  I am offering an assortment - my choosing - that will come rolled in a protective mailing tube.  There will be 5 prints per set ... all different.  $95.00 per set ([plus the $9.95 shipping option)

Hopefully you will agree not only are these great values (well over double the cost), but I think that some of the prints will really become fav's as you spend time with them.  Share a bundle with a friend or several.

Each set WILL include a print of Albert Bierstadt's Last of the Buffalo - our second most sought after print (copy with photos).  There are several different - some colorized and some sepia. 

These pieces shown are just representative ... and any one may or may not be in your selection 

Other artists may be Jack Sorenson, Jace Richard, Charlie Russell,  ... not going to try to list them.... but hopefully you will be pleased.  There may also be either a "American Cattle Trails" map or a "Lonesome Dove" trail map.

ALL SALES on these have got to be final.  We will start with just 20 sets and see how this goes.   (went quite well ... only 4 sets left as of Auction start )

Customer Reviews

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Cully (Colorado, United States)

It was a great collection of prints from old and fun to modern by known artists.