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Very shortly the "new" look will be up and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!
Very shortly the "new" look will be u and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!

Footskins "Herd Wear" Bison Leather Walking boots. B 4540


The "Herd Wear" bison Walking boot, made for us ... from our leather, by the wonderful craftsmen and women at Footwear by Footskins.   Full sizes only for both Men and Women (Ladies are by special order with this "Flex Sole".

I've got five pair now - black, tobacco, chocolate, a dark brown/deep forest green pair and my new light grey.  These are my almost every day go to footwear!  I have mistakenly called them "chukka" boots for too long ... but these Walking Boots are about 2.5" taller than their chukka - better ankle support for sure.  So, Walking Boot it is from now on.

Colors to pick from will depend on availability of proper weight bison leather:  Usually we have Chocolate, Black, Deerskin Gold, Waxed Brown and Tobacco.  We can also do some "custom" combinations with other available bison leathers.  We can even do two tone if you wanted.  We also have some very deep Forest green and Crown Royal Purple, Barbie Pink and Turquoise bison currently available.  There is also a muddy brown bison bull hide; really tough stuff that we will line with deerskin rather than bison due to thickness.  Great Stuff for tough wear.

Butter soft American tanned bison from our good friends at American Elk and Deer; 4 eyelet;  7" tall;  hand whipped external toe seamFull two layers of bison, so it is both bison outside and bison lined (but the lining is the same thickness as the outer layer for even more durability and support); medium Neolite out-sole, Sorbathane insole, leather lacing.

Plenty of support for both the ankle and foot, even thought this is a true moccasin - no shank or stiffener along the foot bed.   It comes in whole sizes only, which has not been a problem with Footskins products at all. 

We can still start special or custom orders.  Call to start a custom or special order with us  - 817-992-8220.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlos J.S.F. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Dear Cecil,
Please look at what happened to the sole of the boot you sent me. It was dry and just broke. I'm glad I found a craftsman here who replaced the sole with this one - see the photo of how broken it was. In the other picture, how it turned out! Finding an old-fashioned German shoemaker took a bit of work, but I found one of them. No problem. I'm waiting for my new order!
All the best,

Bill M. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Service

I got what I think is the best service I have ever gotten from an e-shopping site. And, now I have really great boots

Bill: Great customers deserved good service ... and thank you for taking time to report in. Glad the re-soling is up to your expectations. Footskins are just excellent at both moccasin construction and taking care of business. And if you need another re-soling in a few years, I'll bet we can get that done, too.

Best wishes always


William M. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Leather, intolerable soles

The uppers are great. Supple comfortable leather. Well made. The soles are some hard plastic stuff that is slippery on hard surfaces and has no give. Very hard for me to wear.

John H. (California, United States)
Herd wear chukka moccasins

They are great. I have not experienced a leather as supple and resilient as this. I have not had a chance to wear them extensively as of yet, but on initial. Inspection they feel great. Quality is solid,and I appreciate an American-made product. Thank you for making these.

Lonny C. (Texas, United States)
Great casual all around boot!

I ordered my Chukka Boots and have been very pleased. They are light weight and very comfortable. Like wearing a house shoe but rugged enough for most any situation. Soft buffalo leather and solid sole is mixes comfort with utility. Highly recommend this boot!!