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BOOKS - L.A. Huffman - Photographer of the American West

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compiled and authored by Larry Len Peterson.

Huffman was really the first to go and document the west as it was when the buffalo hunters and Native tribes still controlled.  It was quickly ending, and Huffman was there to capture both the end of what was - open prairie, free ranging bison hunted without season or controls as a necessity - and the beginning of what was to be - ranching, sheep, cattle, fencing.

This is a "Revised Edition", but the collection is absolutely fantastic.  Each picture has a way of taking you back and putting you right behind the camera.  You are there next to him; watching what once was.

There are more than 300 spectacular images of the American West, most of them from the extensive collection of Gene and Beverly Allen, as well as reproductions of many of Huffman’s printed and published collectibles and memorabilia. 

I've been collecting Huffman prints and postcards when I can find them ... but nothing like this.

Big book - 12" x 10"; 200 plus pages and over 3 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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Vern H. (Utah, United States)
LA Huffman, Photographer

Excellent book on the American West. Larry Len Peterson has gathered much of LA Huffman's spectacular photographic work in this book. Peterson's written words enhance the photographs and help to bring additional meaning to the photographs. There are included stories written by others that bring additional character and some humor as well. Huffman was an observer of people and the environment as well as a talented photographer. He obviously loved his career and chosen profession. This volume brings to many of us a look into the collection of Gene and Beverly Allen that otherwise many would never see of know existed.

Jeff S. (Idaho, United States)
Another in a photographic collection

I'm excited to add this edition to my collection of Native American photos. This is as good as the Curtis additions.