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"Arctic Circle" Muskox blend crushable hat

hat band

Our latest from Bollman Hat Company in Adamstown Pa.  This hat has been several years in the creation as it it the first time in almost 150 years that Bollman has use muskox fiber .... supplied by our friends at Jacques Cartier in Banff, Canada .. in blending with Texas wool for a totally upscale and unique in the world crushable hat.

Muskox ... or "Qiviuk" as the fiber is called in the Arctic, is one of the world's premier luxury fibers ... very very soft, drapy ... and expensive.

The styling is pure genius; somewhere between a fedora, an Aussie and a western gambler ... inputing to this new topper a bit of each.  Wear it city or country; casual or formal, night or day.

Two slightly different tonal colors - "Oxford" ... a heathered grey that shows off the muskox and "Mediterranean Brown", with a slight rose hue and medium brown tones.

We've left the banding up to you; we have a black muskox leather band specially built for us by Chacon of New Mexico (see their superb belts on our site) or pick a black, chocolate or cognac bison leather band also by Chacon.  

Or pick either the rattlesnake or the cobra skin bands .... all for the same price.  $165.


                                Bollman Crushable Felt Hat Sizing


Size:             Small             Medium              Large                 XL   

                  6 ¾ -6 7/8           7 – 7 1/8         7 ¼ - 7 3/8        7 ½ - 7 5/8   

Inches:       21-21 ½           22-22 ½         22 ¾ - 23         23 ½ - 24  




Customer Reviews

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Rosie i.C. (Colorado, United States)
Don't Hate Me Because I Own This Beautiful Hat!

I've recently come to appreciate the style and practicality of hats. The sun here is strong in the summer and the winters are cold. I couldn't wait to order this hat and now I'm looking forward to the winter! It's beautifully made and has flattering proportions for those of us who do not have tiny, heart-shaped faces. The smooth band is perfect. Love it! I will be keeping it close to me all winter.