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Thank all who "voted" in the little email survey we just completed; The overwhelming choice ... both by those who bid and those who did not was MORE AUCTIONS. I'll get them going. Bison vests and coats first; Jewelry next. (and I've got some pieces that have never been on the website, too).
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.
Yep;  We went fishing!

Yep; We went fishing!

I've been saying "I want to do more fishing".  Well, G'daughter Meghan, D-in-Law Theresa, son Ron and I headed to La Paz Mexico and 4 days on the water (7 days on the ground).  Wonderful family time.

Ron and T have a "business associate" - Jonathan Roldan and his "TailHunter" International fishing service, bar, restaraunt, music venue .... and just all around good guy!  They both have booths at Dallas Safari Club close to each other ... and have for over 10 years.  So, Ron and T set us up with Johathan.  Sure glad they did!


My contact in La Paz are Ken and Roseanne Mayer - KEN FISHING.  They moved from being my neighbors in Goodnight (and Ken my goose and crane hunting buddy) to "retirement" in Mexico.  So ....

2 days fishing with Ken and his guide; 2 days with Jonathan or his guides.  Four beautiful days on the Mar de Cortez.   That is Meghan in the first shot.


It was just great ... and will be an annual event.  We all caught all the fish we cared to catch.  Anyone care to join us just let me know and we will get you the information.  La Paz is safer than most US cities; it is still 1960's Mexico with a strong American Ex Pat community; a great tourest interest without being "touristy".  Food was exquisite, from the local taco stands on up.  We walked from our Air BnB to shoping and restaraunts without ever having an issue or feeling insecure.  

But enough about me!  There is one more great fish story that I will related in a later blog.  Anyway, retirement beckons... and feels great!  




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