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Thank all who "voted" in the little email survey we just completed; The overwhelming choice ... both by those who bid and those who did not was MORE AUCTIONS. I'll get them going. Bison vests and coats first; Jewelry next. (and I've got some pieces that have never been on the website, too).
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.
One Hunter's Opinion: Bison Socks

One Hunter's Opinion: Bison Socks

February, 2017


I wore the Bison Tech Boot Sock and the Bison/Yak Boot Sock about a dozen times each during this hunting season as well as wearing them another dozen times just for comfort and warmth around town. I found them to be everything you said they would be. They were super warm but wicked away moisture (no sweaty feet - a hunters nightmare). Very, very comfortable in several different types of boots (traditional LL Bean Hunting Boots, Vasque Hiking/Walking Boots and rubber "Swamp Boots"). Around town in REI Born walkers, they added to the comfort with their soft cushioning.

They have held up perfectly after many machine washing and drying sessions - they are still like new. Lastly, and an interesting side note, when in the field, hunting scent is huge, and not many opportunities to wash socks, but for some reason, the socks do not seem to pick up any normal foot odor and therefore you can get more than one wear in the field. I was able to walk all day in them and do it all over again for two or three days between washing. This is a nice little plus.

So, I think you have a winner here, even though at first glance they are a bit pricey. But, my experience with them tells me they are well worth the price. Certainly the most comfortable socks I have ever worn in 60+ years of hunting. Hope this information is useful to you.

Best Regards,

David C.; Roswell, GA

6 pair of bison wool socks on a wooden table

David: Thank you for taking time to let us all know. The credit goes first to the American bison .. and second to some great American sock technicians. We are just glad to be a part. Hunt warm, safely and long.


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