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Thank all who "voted" in the little email survey we just completed; The overwhelming choice ... both by those who bid and those who did not was MORE AUCTIONS. I'll get them going. Bison vests and coats first; Jewelry next. (and I've got some pieces that have never been on the website, too).
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.
Breaking News!! ... The month of August escapes

Breaking News!! ... The month of August escapes

There goes August, 2020; a blur of heat, fire, disease ... and hope.  Hope for rain as the Pacific storms push moisture towards the Texas Panhandle.  Hope for true progress in understanding the virus that has turned us all into sweatpants wearing computer hugging bleary eyed  ... off course, just talking about us here.

But, this is suppose to be about croquet.  Why croquet? Remember to good times outdoors in the evenings?  Families getting a little exercise together.  Cool air.  No electricity needed.  Why not bring them back this fall? 



These are a few we brought up here to Goodnight.  There are literally thousands of croquet sets sitting in garages (and flea markets, consignment shops, on-line auctions and sales sites).  What to get the kids or grandkids outside for just an hour or so?  Grab your beer ... or soda, tea, wine and the available children.  Go play a game.  You want "family values"?  Come play as a family.

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