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The "Mil-Top" Hunting Boot sock


We have now finished our fifth hunting season for these beauties.  The customer opinions are in!  These are the best hunting boot socks we have ever produced... and we have three great ones already before these!

I thought we were out of Large .... but found one more box of foliage green in the warehouse, Hurray.   But these are the last ... we cannot re-create the bison/yak yarn to this spec in the US ... and we can't send any bison fiber to our overseas spinner during these uncertain times ... they are afraid it will simply be confiscated.  So, grab these while you can ... and enjoy years of great comfort and warmth in the wilds.

It will either be the foliage green or the coyote brown .... but it will be what we have, no choice on color any more, sorry.

Knit at Fox River Mills, those sock creating geniuses marry military spec polypropylene on the sock shaft with our close-to-bulletproof bison down/yak down/silicon polyester yarn in the foot.

Anyone that has ever worn a pair of military polypro socks know how supportive they are, but you have never felt the foot bed comfort and warmth of our bison/yak yarn blend at the same time.

The result is the exact sock that Fox River knits for the US Military, but with your feet surrounded with the warm, moisture - wicking, comfortable, durable proportions of our "Close-to-the-Ultimate" Boot Sock. This Mil-Top sock is about 3" taller than our CTTU boot sock ... right at mid-calf ... and with the stay-in-place power of mil spec polypropylene.

As to scent capturing, see the two reviews on the home page.  We had one other guy in the store that claims to have worn them a ridiculous 12 days elk hunting.  Now that would just be "Socks Abuse"!  But these are the top of the hunting/moving/walking sock food chain.  They are my "go-to" cold weather outdoor sock any more.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Larry T. (Texas, United States)
Feel great

This is my first pair. They feel great. I am looking forward to testing them out this winter.

C. (Texas, United States)
Ultimate Hunting Sock

Yeah I'm the "Sock Abuse" guy that wore the same pair of these socks bowhunting elk in Arizona in September. Yes, I wore the SAME pair daily and not only were they comfortable, but they wicked all the moisture away from my skin. All I did when I got back to camp at night was take them off and hang them up to dry/air out. My socks and feet DID NOT stink during the entire hunt and my feet were in great condition afterwards, not a single blister after averaging 7 miles a day in them. They are worth every penny and then some! Treat your feet right!

Bing C. (Ontario, Canada)
Great socks and comfortable socks! Wish some of the fibre doesnt comes out easily

Bought a pair of this Mil Top socks. Got to say it is so comfortable as if i am stepping something so smooth and soft.
Not sure if it is natural, but i was a little concern on the 2nd day of wearing, i am already seeing bits and pieces of the buffalo down coming off from the socks. (the outer layer not the inner layer)
That was surprising to me as i was only walking within the house.
I attach a picture - You can see the small bits of the down coming off around the foot heel area.

Bing: A little sheding on most of the bison fiber socks is not alarming, as the fiber is so short that in the spinning process it doesn't get fully twisted into the yarn. On those Mil Top socks- the bison/yak blend- they should not shed as much that quickly. If you want to send them back I will be glad to send you another pair. I would suggest that you wash them once or twice before putting them to a real test of warmth ... as the aggitation of the washing does help to 'set' or tighten the fibers. They have been washed already at the sock plant ... but another once or so never hurts. Let me know what you would like to do, please. BTW that is my 'go to' goose and pheasant hunting sock ... and I have several pair that are multiple years old. They do loose a bit of fiber over time, but still plenty left to do the job.

Thanks and best wishes


Paul M.
Great sock

Best socks I have ever owned. I have worn every day other than when I wash. I want and will order more

Paul: Thank you for the great review. Most appreciated (and folks, he absolutely ordered several more pair ... and they have to go all the way 'Down Under'). Shipping them off right now. Best wishes.


Shawn U.
MIL-Top socks

Nice socks!! Comfy and warm. Can’t wait to try them out this hunting season

Dale Z. (Ontario, Canada)

The "Mil-Top" Hunting Boot sock

Cami O. (Iowa, United States)
Love these socks

The socks are warm and stay put. They feel just right at the top to stay snug. The foot is a little thinner than most of the other boot socks which is great because I can also wear them in my sneakers and dress shoes. And here in the midwest it gets cold so having a warm sock I can wear with my dress shoes as well as with boots helps keep me warm at all times. The stretchy material of the leg is also warm and doesn't make my legs sweat which is really something great, thanks again for another pair of socks to keep my feet and legs warm even when it is 10 below zero.

Shane B. (Texas, United States)
Only 1 thing keeping from 5 ⭐️

I’ve purchased several pairs of socks from HerdWear and no doubt Cecil treats his customers top notch.

I recently purchased the Mil-Top sock with one reservation and it’s that one reservation that held true for me personally. First the socks are high quality, very warm yet have advanced technical upgrades. The one drawback, and this is only personal preference, is I am not a fan of over-the-calf socks. My personal preference is more crew length. Crew length with the warm foot box and technical upper sock would be perfect for me. Regardless the socks are well constructed, high quality and undeniably very warm.

I will certainly buy more from HerdWear in the future!

Shane: Wish you had let me know about the sock height. We (BWC) just got a shipment of their American Field sock .... that Fox River mistakenly did as crew height instead of boot height. That sock is a 70/30 bison/superwash merino yarn blend. Plenty warm ... same technical foot structure. Feels great. And lucky for you they did them in a large size.

I'll 'swap' you the Mil-top's if you want. Send them back and I'll send you the American Field Socks. Or if you just want to swap out one pair first to try we can do that. Whatever works for you. Best wishes.