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Hand Stitched " Possibles" Bag (or great single pouch purse)


American tanned bison leather - 3-4 oz and as supple as it gets - hand stitched in the Alaskan Native tradition, Neale and Dolly Caffen, the Shelter Cabin folk - lived and taught school for many years in the Alaskan interior.  Now they bring the tradition and quality that they learned there to our bison leather. 

Roughly 12" x 10", with decorated flap.  Each distinctly different.  Leather shoulder or over the neck strap, roughly 2" wide.

Want a picture of what is available?  Let me know and I will send them to you.  Just want a great leather "possibles" type bag for man or women, I'll make the choice and I'm comfortable that you will be pleased.