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It is almost official (waiting on the final paperwork). The Texas Historical Commission will take over the property here at Herd Wear. Blog post below has more details. The store will be open through the end of July, 2024 ... and then Herd Wear will be all on line ... or just a phone call away. Come on in while you can. There will be some great celebration come late spring and summer, promise. It's not goodby ... it's moving forward. See you here soon. Best wishes to all. Cecil
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.
Never know for sure to what you will awake ... and then of course, if you will

Never know for sure to what you will awake ... and then of course, if you will

So much for philosophy (though my undergrad degree was a Ph.B).  Today - July 20, 2023 was National Hot Dog Day.  I found that information out when I awoke about 6:30.

So, it honor of both the day and the frankfurter/weiner/coney/franks .... I pulled out a few pacs of our great Continental Sausage "weiners" ... after all, the folks that started Continental Sausage in Denver Co were/are Swiss by nationality.  There "dogs" are the only really great bison hot dogs I have ever had - 100% bison; the right casing and snap; perfect deli seasoning.

Anyway, it was free bison dogs for about 4 hours (and about 14 groups).  Ours get wrapped in a freshly made flour tortilla from our friends at La Popular Mercado in Amarillo.  Hope you all celebrated as well!

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