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YOU CAN ALMOST SMELL .... Bison deli dogs, Dry Aged bison burgers, and the corn bison brisket - (like corned beef, but bison and better). We are stocked and waiting for you as the "Bash" is getting closer! Need antique store displays, store decor or some of our Herd Wear signage? ... it all has to go and I am motivated to listen to offers. Still looking for ticket/donations - $50 - that gets you the same "swag bag and goodies" ... lunchtime dogs, corned brisket, burgers etc. See you in Goodnight, Texas .... one last time.
Yes, folks ... BIG NEWS. The Texas Historical Commission has bought the store in Goodnight. We will be there through the end of July, 2024 ... and then on line or by phone. No; we are not "quitting" - HERD WEAR will continue. Be sure you are on our email list and also on Buffalo Wool Co's list.
A beautiful new day ... and New Year here in Goodnight

A beautiful new day ... and New Year here in Goodnight

Things are back to almost crazy normal here .... finally.  We are both doing well (again).  Starting to re-stock the store; getting some new products (Adrian Kliss bags and wallets; Midwest bison leather and elk hide work gloves; some wonderful Native and Turquoise jewelry pieces from several auction houses; ... and a couple of "packages" of art and or literature.

Good selection of bison rib-eyes still here.  Just got word that we will have our Gehl's Wisconsin bison jerky ... the really good stuff, in here next week, along with some of their Wisconsin fresh bratwursts ... finally

So we'll keep updating and we'll let you keep browsing.  Or come by.

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