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Very shortly the "new" look will be up and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!
Very shortly the "new" look will be u and active. The store is officially closed; just working on packing and moving (and finding some very special new products to add; STAY TUNED!

Buyce Leather - "Herd Wear" Bison Utility Leather Gloves


Folks:  So sorry ... but we had to raise the prices on these by a few bucks this June 2023.  We have absorbed 3 price increases over the past three years ....  and I know both the tannery and Buyce have tried to "suck it up" on price as well.  Great American product ... just slightly adjusted for these economic times.  These are still less expensive than virtually any other American made bison leather glove.

Made just for us in Gloversville, NY, these are an all around usage bison leather glove.  Perfect for driving; for gardening or yard work.  Excellent for times you want maximum flexibility in the glove but still need your hands protected.

American tanned American bison leather supplied by the 100 plus year old Sunderland Tannery in Gloversville, NY. 

 Please note, this glove runs right at one size smaller than our others.  So those who use a Large (like I do) should order an XL instead (which is what I wear in this glove ... and it is my fav of all our bison leather gloves).


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tony N. (England, United Kingdom)
A be-gloved thumbs up for HerdWare

I took delivery of a very fine pair of bison hide gloves and coudn't be happier. Cecil at HerdWear even noticed a small difference in the mailing cost to me in the UK and refunded the difference - very astute and kind of him. The gloves are great, when first received I thought they were too small but actually its just because the hide is so tough it needs a few weeks to soften up and expand. Now they fit like an, er, glove!

michael w. (Texas, United States)
Herd Wear Bison Utility leather gloves

excellent leather, supple, attractive...
Fit, not so much... ordered the Xtra Large and general fit is very tight. Not unexpected without some "break-in". However, the fingers are sown in a way as to make the finger tips too small to fit my fingers. I have to wonder if the XXtra Large size would be better. The gloves aren't usable as they are.
I'm completely satisfied with the other items I ordered.

Michael: Thank you for the super and honest review. Let me send you a 2XL (and a return label) to see if that is any better. If so, keep the 2 and send the XL back. If neither works, either let me refund or try a pair of the Midwest bison leather glovess. Longer fingers and a bit larger across the palm. Or ... if you prefer, I can send a pair of the Midwest XL's and/or the Buyce 2XL. Let me know what is the best way to proceed. But let's not let it drop, OK. Let's get if fixed.



John L. (Colorado, United States)
Fantastic Gloves - pair # 2

I just wrote a review on the lined pair of these gloves. I bought a pair of unlined gloves at the same time to keep in my truck for driving. While these gloves would make outstanding work gloves, I love the styling and plan to keep them looking nice. The description on the website says to order up a size, which is spot on correct. Get a pair. There is no chance you will regret it. They are awesome.

Mark K. (Wisconsin, United States)
Nice But...

Nice Gloves, but I ordered 2XL for a reason.
The other pairs that size I've ordered here are perfect.
These are tight like driving gloves but not a supple.
My hands are decent size, but not huge.

Mark: if I didn't get bak to you when you wrote this I apologize. I sure thought I have ...and you know you can send those back (I'll send you a return label) any time things aren't as you expect. Usually those are actually more supple ... but as you found they are almost a full size small. Don't have a 3 x in those, but plenty of 2X in the Midwest gloves that ought to work better for you (more work and less driving). Call or write me and let's get this fixed.



Edwin P. (Puerto Rico)
Excellent service, excellent product!

Excellent service, excellent product!

Chris d. (South Carolina, United States)
Best work gloves ever!

Cecil, the Herd Wear gloves are everything promised and more! Gorgeous high quality leather. They are so nice I felt guilty having to get them dirty. But bison wallow in mud, so what the heck!! I will just have to buy a few more pairs!
Sizing: they do run small, so order up a size. I bought a medium and a large just in case, and we’ll now my wife has a brand new pair of bison gloves she is enjoying as well!
Thanks Cecil for the outstanding product!!

Hey Chris. It's good folk like the two of you that recognize the quality that some great ... small .. American folk can do with quality American bison leather. Glad you are pleased and thanks for the review (and to all those reviews others of you have taken time to write and I have yet to get to ... be patient ... I read 'em but these 27 hour days just aren't long enough ... just yet!)
Be well and happy.


Giovanni P. (California, United States)
Well-Made Gloves

These gloves are really well made and are really hardy. I've used them for work in landscaping for a week and a half now and they feel great in my hands and seem to take the beating pretty well. They also look great.

David B. (Oklahoma, United States)
Tough gloves

Great gloves that wear well. Buffaloes are pretty tough and so are these gloves