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Pre Delivery Pricing! The 2021 re-designed ladies "sleep" sock


As many of you keep telling us, our ladies Sleep Socks was one of our favorite products ever!  We've been sold out for almost 2 years now, but weekly we hear from someone who wants another pair or more.

The sleep sock was designed to leave unrestricted circulation around the cuff - a top rising softly just above the ankle with no extra spandex ... just the natural stretch of the terry loop construction.  It added the needed insulation to keep your blood supply in the feet comfy .. in bed, walking or even with shoes or slippers.

They were warm, comfortable, durable and we have it on good authority that they actually saved several marriages.

Now, with the expert technical help of both our own wonderful Chinese yarn producer - Charlie He, and Dan VanDenavond, brilliant sock designer at Fox River Mills in Osage Iowa,  here is the "re-invented" sleep sock.

This new version will have the same soft, cozy and unrestricted design features, but it is knit with a yak/ nylon yarn blend that Charlie was able to spin fine enough (1/32 nm/ worsted) for Dan to knit the socks on their 168 needle sock knitting machinery.   The originals were knit with our 40% bison/ 40% yak/ 20% siliconized polyester 1/32 nm yarn at Cabot Hosiery in Vermont.  However, after the first run Cabot sold those machines and could not knit more of them.

We tried to add some bison percentage, but the 50% tariff on our fiber (25% going into China and another 25% coming out as yarn) coupled with the uncertainty of international shipping at the moment - would the fiber even actually arrive and be turned over to the mill - made it currently impractical.  So, this is an "experiment".

This yarn is still very lovely against the skin.   Yak, like bison, are large ungulates that live in extreme climates, grow a winter undercoat, and it is a fiber that is much more readily available than bison ... especially in Asia.  Yak down - the winter undercoat -has much the same insulating properties as bison down.   So, we are going to give it a try until the international politics tempers.   Not giving up on going back to our 40/40/20 blend, but this is as good a we can do right now.  


They should be in our hands in April, but you can pre-order and get in line ahead of the rest of the cold feet crew.   Quantities will be limited.  We are doing Small, Medium, Large and a few XL, as we have had any number of guys wear the originals.   This $25.00 price is a pre-delivery special - they will be $33.00 once we take delivery.

I will keep everyone on notice of how production proceeds, so hopefully there will be no disappointment.  The yarn is set to fly into the US this week (which is why we set up this "pre-delivery sale". 

The production scheduled and we will ship them just as quickly as we get them in hand.  If there are any delays of any significance all pre-purchasers will get an email notice.  Perhaps we should have held up until we had socks in hand, but we were just too excited to wait!

sizing:    small - ladies 4 - 6.5

               medium - ladies 7 -9.5; men's 6 - 8

               large - ladies 10 - 11.5; men's 8.5 - 10.5

               XL - men's 11 - 13

(Thank you all who "reminded me" gently that I needed to get a sizing chart on here.)

Customer Reviews

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Great socks!

Wool usually makes me itch, however, these socks are NOT itchy, are soft and comfortable. So glad I decided to give them a try. Highly recommended!