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Thank all who "voted" in the little email survey we just completed; The overwhelming choice ... both by those who bid and those who did not was MORE AUCTIONS. I'll get them going. Bison vests and coats first; Jewelry next. (and I've got some pieces that have never been on the website, too).
More "New Auctions", "New Stuff" and "Sale" being added as quickly as I can. Keep checking!! Thanks.

Outback Felt Hat

Sold out
Carefully crafted in the USA, the functional and fun "The Outback" is perfect for the outdoorsman who prefers the colder months with which to journey and enjoy the earth. Ideal to wear during rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the broad-brimmed rustic style bends but never breaks. And the lightweight crushable felt material repels these elements with considerable style, for a felt fedora with which fellow campers, wanderers, and journeymen can marvel! Be noticed on your travels..
  • Water repellent wool/bison blend felt
  • Springs back to shape after rolling up or stuffing into pack
  • Genuine leather and cast feather band

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hawk (Pennsylvania, United States)
After looking at hats in Aspen and Santa Fe I found the right one in Goodnight!

I was looking for a new felt hat when I stumbled on your amazing store in Goodnight, TX. What a selection. Very happy with my Bison felt hat. Stuff it in a suitcase if you need to, it's a great travel hat.

Hey Hawk: Glad you happened in ,.. and the hat did look stellar! Wear it in good health for a long time.


M R. (Ontario, Canada)
Great hat and great service

I love how it’s finished and I really like the little feather detail. Really impressed with the very helpful customer service also. Thanks!

Paul V.
Sort of Welcomed in Store

A couple of things on the email sent to me to review the hat I bought. First, I wasn't sent the hat, I bought it in the store. The email also said "be honest, be kind". Ok, you want me to say what you want to hear. Many shopping experiences have good and bad points, so you want to hear the "kind" ones. The store is very extensive in quite pricy merchandise. Because the quality of items seems pretty high, I suppose the pricing can be justified in some ways. The hat I bought(about $115), I wore quite a bit on my driving vacation. It was comfortable and of good quality. Many items in the store were of the price where I could only look and couldn't spend several hundred dollars on a single item(although many of the items were quite nice). As my wife and I were the only ones in the store at the time, it was easy to navigate. To conclude, the hat I bought was nice as was the belt my wife bought. The feel of the store seems suited to wealthy Texans, and if that is you, the store is a good fit.

Rose W. (Texas, United States)
I LOVE when people compliment my Buffalo Wool Co. Hat...

….Because then I get to tell them all about this awe-inspiring gem hiding in plain site in Goodnight, TX! My hubby and I were traveling back home to Dallas from Amarillo - you know, one of the most scenic drives available in Texas! ;-) - and as soon as we’d passed it and saw the buffalo off in the distance, we knew we had to pull a U-ey and make our way back to visit. This place is PHENOMENAL. I can’t do it justice in words. It’s clear many years, attention, and love has gone in to this store, from the ceiling to the floor, to the “Dude! Did you see this?! It’s sooooo COOL!” Museum vault full of priceless (and fairly priced!) antiques, memorabilia, and history. SO much history! On top of all that, the owners who helped us, a lovely husband and wife duo, went above and beyond to have the hat I fell in love with shipped to me in the perfect size. It came in a day, y’all. Come on. The hat itself is gorgeous and well-crafted. My husband got a goat-hide holster to hold a multi-tool on his belt - I know that sounds nerdy, but he’s a total BadA and he uses it so much that whatever’s holding it wears down and falls apart. This one will NOT. Also, the buffalo jerky was BOMB. Get it! Thank you to Cecil and family! Y’all are the salt of the earth.

Rose: If we were the least bit bashful, your review would make us blush. Thank you for taking that much time and ... well, love ... to send it our (and everyone else's) way. Glad the hat makes you just that tiny bit happier.

Look forward to seeing you great folk again. Stay safe, well and happy.


Ed F. (Texas, United States)
Quality Products

I first bought some nice socks for hiking from their ad on my Facebook feed. When I realized I have passed by their location on my drives between Colorado Springs and Houston, I decided to visit them. So glad I did. I bought several additional pairs of socks for family members and picked up an incredible hat. I love this hat so much and surprisingly it looks even better on my wife that I will stop by on my next trip to get her one. Bottom line - these are quality products sold by very customer centric folks!

B M.G. (Tennessee, United States)

If you want a quality and unique product, find your way to the Herd Wear Store in Goodnight, TX. The Maverick, Outback, and Palo Duro hats I purchased for Xmas gifts are wonderful bison hats. If you seek good customer service, you’ll receive that as well. My hats were expertly packed and I received the needed help while shopping to secure some wonderful gifts. Cecil and Darlene have assembled a nice collection of products, backing those products with personal attention and knowledge. Make the trip or phone call after perusing their website; you’ll be pleased.