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Gorilla Gripper Gloves - Bison Gloves with Gripper Dots


New for this season.   

For those of you who wished that our bison down gloves were not as "slippery" holding fishing rods or shotguns.

These are very much like our regular bison down gloves, but with gripper dots on the palms to give extra hold on guns, fishing rods or whatever you have in your hand.  The bison yarn also has a bit more of the heavier bison fiber .. the guard hair .. as well as 5% more nylon in the blend - 85/15 bison down/ color matched "Buffalon" nylon.  Tough as a Gorilla!

This is a new product from a new knit house and we are pleased with how it is working out.

Ken Mayer, from AAA Outfitters in Clarendon and I used them on a recent 35 degree morning Sandhill Crane hunt.  We were comfortable with both the feel and the utility.  I used the fingerless; Ken preferred the full fingered.  (We did limit on our birds, too). 

No up-charge for the grippers; same price as our regular bison down gloves  .. either fingerless or full fingered.