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May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day. In reality, isn't every day "Memorial Day"? Sure hope so. Just take another moment to reflect on and remember those, both here and gone. History is important and it is up to each of us to keep it so.
May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day. In reality, isn't every day "Memorial Day"?

Full Fingered Bison Down Gloves


These Full-Fingered Bison Down Gloves are perfect for everyday activities - working, driving, walking, playing, even medical heat retention. They are the best – warmest, most durable, most comfortable – bison down glove available, period!

The insulating undercoat of the American bison made into a light, soft, durable glove. The same air retention quality of American bison down that protects buffalo in Northern winters gently but so effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability to hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort when other gloves fail.

Machine washable. Proudly knit in upstate New York using Buffalo Gold yarn spun with 90% bison down, 10% color-matched nylon.



To find your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure, at the place indicated by the red line (just below your knuckles) to the widest part of your palm on your pinky finger side. It is recommended that you should use your dominant hand. Size in inches is for both male and female.

Hand Size Hand Measurement

5.5" - 6.5"


6.5" - 7.5"


7.5" - 8.5"


8.5" - 9.5"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Charles (Quebec, Canada)
Best gloves ever

These gloves are super warm and make excellent midlayer gloves. However, be careful if you plan on doing hard work with your hands in them. They're made of wool after all and they'll rip, tear, and start pilling. Velcro is also not kind to these gloves so keep them away from velcro. Other than these things which you can't change, the bison wool gloves are excellent 5/5

Fred C. (Texas, United States)
Great gloves

Best gloves I ever wore. Very warm, breathable and allow surprising dexterity. I highly recommend them.

Robert H. (Colorado, United States)
Great, unique gloves

Extremely warm for their weight, and very comfortable. Perfect for walks in cold weather.

John R. (Wisconsin, United States)
Warment Winter Gloves

We relocated to Northern Wisconsin and keeping hands warm has been a challenge. Last year I bought my wife a pair of the Bison Down Gloves and they proved to be the warmest gloves she had amongst many other pairs. I ordered her another pair this year so she could have more warm gloves in the pockets of her favorite winter coats. If you need warm gloves for cold climates, these are a worthy solution for cold hands.

John V. (Ontario, Canada)
Bison Down Gloves

Great gloves, perfect fit and they are warm.

Gary S. (Washington, United States)

These gloves wear great and keeps the fingers warm when when the gloves become wet.

Rob R. (Washington, United States)
Best gloves I own

I purchased the fingerless gloves a number of years ago I use them for winter steelheading but sometimes my exposed fingers would get cold so now that I have the full finger version I can warm up my fingers when they get cold these gloves are very warm don’t regret getting them at all hope these will always be available herd wear products are some of the best around

Bernt B. (Skåne County, Sweden)

Thanks for the gloves, I am completely satisfied, have had a pair before for several years.👍