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Pro-Gear Bison/Silk Blend Crew Sock


This "Herd Wear" Crew Sock is a shorter version of our Technical Boot Sock. It has the same terry loop cushioned foot bed and vented and structured instep for smooth fit, but in a crew height (and without the shin cushion).  A sock the whole year around (well, maybe not in the dead heat of summer .. but at least 10 months out of the year).   Comfortable, plenty warm but plenty of breathing, as well.  You should not experience any "wet feet" from being overly warm or enclosed.  Excellent moisture retention and wicking.

Bison/silk/nylon/spandex. Nylon over-plaited toe and heel for reinforcement in the critical wear points of any sock. Machine washable cold. Knit for Buffalo Gold and The Buffalo Wool Company with our bison/silk yarn in Osage, IA, by Fox River Mills.  Great sock company!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE "COLOR" ON THE HEEL AND TOE ARE ONLY FOR SIZE IDENTIFICATION: Red is extra large; blue is large; yellow is medium and brown is small ... that is the only way they come, so if, for example you order a "medium", expect that the heel and toe will be yellow. 

Let me also explain the percentages of each yarn that will be on the sock packaging.  We send Fox River our 50% bison down/ 50% silk yarn.  They design and knit the socks and add nylon in the toe and heel and spandex to create the final sock.  They have to calculate by weight (not by yardage) how much of each yarn and fiber are in each batch (and each size) of our socks.  So ... while the base yarn that touches your foot is still half bison/half silk, the total percentages have to include the construction materials .. the nylon and spandex ... which brings the total bison and silk percentages down.  Hope that is understandable.


Customer Reviews

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Customer (Texas, United States)
Best Stop the Whole Trip

Herd ware is a well curated store that features Bison meat, Jerky, but so much more! Shoes, art, clothing, jewelry, books for young and old, antique Buffalo robe, and Bison woolen goods — and more. The proprietors are full of information and helpful. There is more there than I can name, and it’s all high quality. If it’s the only stop you make between Dallas and LA, you chose The Best one. I bought Buffalo wool and silk blend socks that are soft and warm. I’m going back for more.

Kirk O. (Texas, United States)
Bison/Silk socks

This is my second pair of Bison socks having made this purchase because I loved my first pair so much. My wife actually appropriated (without my knowledge) the pair that I had purchased as a gift for a neighbor for taking care of our pets while we were on vacation, and she is now demanding a second pair. That's why I just had to order 3 additional pair. (another pair for her, one for the neighbor and another pair for a lady who overheard my wife extolling the quality and comfort of her first pair). I will definitely be making additional purchases of the same socks in the future. Not because my first and second pair are worn out (actually my first pair feel as comfortable today - 2 years later - as the first time I wore them) No, I'll purchase more because I LOVE them for their quality and comfort.

Mario A.
Really soft

The feeling is amazing and they're light to wear. I am using them even in hot weather, and forget they're supposed to be meant for winter. I do believe they're worth the money you invest. The color is nice too.

Dan D. (Illinois, United States)
Awesome socks

I own a pair and recently bought another for a gift. These socks are amazing! They will keep you warm in any temperature while still breathing so your feet don’t get overheated or sweaty. Bison fiber is a magical material - thanks, Cecil!

J F. (Idaho, United States)
Best Socks but even better Customer Service

These are the most comfortable socks in the world. They breathe well and keep you warm. I gave them as gifts to my family this year and finally people are happy to get socks! I had a few loose threads on some of the socks possibly from the little plastic tag holder grabbing at the threads. I emailed the store and Cecil replied right away. They sent me new socks no questions asked even though I said the original ones were ok by me. Thankyou for the amazing service! I vote the American dollar be backed by Buffalo Gold!

You talk about Laughing Our Loud! Thank you for all, and particularly for your understanding and attitude - keep passing it along and stay safe.


David O.[. (Washington, United States)
Happy Feet!

As usual, the service and product from Herd Wear were exceptional. My wife loves the crew socks for playing golf in the cold and wet weather which is normal in Seattle this time of the year. I use them for fishing as they are very warm and light weight. Between us we now have eight pair.
Happy Feet Rule!

CJ (New Hampshire, United States)
Simply the best!

If you can only wear one type of sock for the rest of your life, these should be your choice. Simply the best! My son and son-in-law were so jealous of mine we ordered them some for Christmas this year. Now we all have happy feet.

Gail K. (Texas, United States)
Rave review!

I got these socks for all my guys for Christmas. My husband loves them and I will let you know how Sam, John, and Joe like them as they report in. Sounds like Goodnight may be worth a road trip to see your other wares. Any after Christmas sales planned?

Customer Reviews

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