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The March Madness Mad Hatter hat sale is just a day away from being in the books. The antique gun (and a few modern weapons, some special gun books and accessories) is taking shape. It will start April 2 (so as not to be confused with The Buffalo Wool Company April 1st annual extravaganza). Be sure you are signed up for both our and their and our email list so you don't miss out on the opening "gun". And, yes, I am away from the store so shipping will start again April 4th.
Hat sale is winding down; Antique Gun (with a few modern firearms ) and similar stuff starts April 2. New guns added (almost) daily. Liquidation pricing!

Fossil Knife Scale Material pairs


From time to time we get access to fossilized bone, horn, antler, teeth and other "parts", that are stabilized and cut for knife handle scales.  The list includes wolly mammoth teeth slabs (and we do have a couple of whole wooly mammoth teeth), fossil ivory, fossil tree bark, wooly rhinocerous bone and fossil antler.

Each pair of scales is a separate item ... only one pair of each.

So ... "D" indicates fossil deer horn

"M" indicates fossil wooly mammoth ivory

""Y or W" is fossil wooly rhinoceros bone

"X" is fossil wooly mammoth tooth