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Buffalo nickel 1/2 rolls from "The Manhattan Company" - Sealed rolls - Old and wonderful

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The Manhattan Company was a New York bank and holding company established on September 1, 1799. It is the company that merged with Chase National Bank in 1955 to form the Chase Manhattan Bank. It is the oldest of the predecessor institutions that eventually formed the current JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In July, 2020, I got a chance to buy just 20 of this old rolled and unopened 1/2 rolls (nickels usually come 40 to a roll - these are 20 to a roll) - buffalo nickels with the "Manhattan Company" stamped on them.  I have NOT opened any of these as there were only 20. 

They came from the same collector that sold me the Chicago Federal Reserve rolls .. and they were, indeed, all buffalo nickels and virtually all full or partial dates coins.  If they turn out not to be as represented, you get a refund, for sure.  If you find some real special treasures ... lucky you!

These had to be rolled and stored away back in the mid 1930's - before the Jefferson Nickel was coined (1938).  I'm trying to get the seller to give me the back story on how these got squirreled away for 90 years or more!  Stay tuned.

These are the same kind of brown coin wrapper as the Chicago Federal Reserve stamped ones offered a bit earlier (and a few of those still left.)

So now fast forward to August, 2020.  The coin guy calls me to see if I want to buy the rest of what he has.  Boy, did I jump on that. as we had sold just about all of the original 20.  We now have all there are ... and the story.  Check out the "Buffalo Nickel Half Roll Collections page for the really neat history of how these rolled buffalo nickels ended up with your family.

These are little jewels in the buffalo nickel world.  Some wear, but nothing like most of what we find which have been handled so much that there literally are the "no date"  left on the front of the nickel  ... worn so hard that the date under the "Native Chief" on the front is just gone.   All of these that we have seen has either full or partial dates, and that does add to the value.

That "Native Chief" image is a composite portrait of Three Indian Chiefs – Iron Tail, the Chief that faced General Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn, Two Moons and John Big Tree.

The Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel is a copper-nickel five-cent piece that was struck by the United States Mint from 1913 to 1938.

Who knows what hidden gems might be in these little rolls (with the 20 nickel -$1.00 stamp on them).  Take a look at what some of them are still bringing to collectors.  Or, just put them away ... another time capsule for who knows what generation.  And with any luck and more hard work, the real American bison will still be around.  

The price is "per roll"  (remainder in vault safe)


Customer Reviews

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Priscilla G. (Texas, United States)
Buffalo nickels

I love old coins and when I saw these buffalo nickels for sale, I couldn’t pass it up. I bought them for Christmas presents and can’t hardly wait for Christmas. The rolls are just like in the pictures with the old brown wrappers. I did not open them but the coins look in great shape. I also loved them being shipped in repurposed shipping containers and padding. I will definitely shop here again. Thanks you to a great staff and store.

Pam K. (Michigan, United States)
Unique historical gift

My husband loves buffalo nickels and having them in the original roll from the bank will delight him to no end (at Christmas). Amazing find!

Elizabeth H. (Massachusetts, United States)
Pleased with purchase !

This stores Staff is the best !

Roberta G. (Alaska, United States)

Wonderful items and great service. I always enjoy shopping here.